Monday, October 20, 2014

You Know You're Back in Canada When...

You Know You're Back in Canada When...

You know you're back in Canada when...
  • your friends say, "Let's go to Timmy's!" and nobody is referring to a person named Timothy
  • somebody bumps into you and both of you immediately say sorry
  • nobody makes fun of you for the way you say sorry
  • you put on your snow tires by the beginning of November
Fall in South Eastern Ontario
  • it's after 10 pm and there's nowhere to buy alcohol except for overpriced bars
  • speaking of bars, you order a glass of wine and your bill comes to $8.50 + 13% tax + 15% tip
  • there isn't a dollar menu at any of the fast food restaurants
  • you buy a book and inexplicably have to pay at least $5 more than the price that's listed on the back cover
  • really, you can just sum it up and say pretty much everything is more expensive in Canada (don't even get me started on gas prices...)
Autumn in Ontario #travel #exploreontario
Smiling because of the scenery, not for the inflated prices
  • the leaves on the trees are fiery red and orange but you know it won't be too much longer until they're all on the ground and covered by a layer of frost
  • you have to figure out how to wear a winter coat under your Halloween costume
  • you follow style bloggers in Texas who are only now starting to wear scarves and boots and you think WTF
  • when those same bloggers start talking about spring at the beginning of March and wearing dresses with bare legs you seriously consider moving to Texas
  • the highest rating you ever see in a movie theatre is 14A
  • as you're stuck in traffic on the 401 you remember the joke that there are only two seasons in Canada  winter and construction
  • your friends start planning winter getaways to Cuba before it's even Christmas
  • somebody refers to Aunt Jemima and you scoff, "Ugh, that's not even real maple syrup!"
  • you're reminded how beautiful it is to be in an area with colours like these:
Fall scenery in Ontario, Canada #photography

What are the funny quirks that remind you when you're back in your home country?

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