Monday, December 23, 2013

The Last Mani Monday: Classic Red

Today is my very last Mani Monday so I chose to wear my tested and true favourite shade of red, OPI's I'm Not Really a Waitress. The deeper tone and pearlescent finish make this such a high quality polish that is perfect for the holiday season. This morning I'm moving out of my little apartment (which doesn't feel so little when it's time to box everything up!) so my nails probably won't be looking this pretty by this afternoon, but that's okay because at the end of the day I'll be toasting with some red wine and all will be good. 

My husband has officially finished his undergraduate degree as of yesterday morning. He wrote his final exam then came home to paint, clean, and pack up a moving truck along with my sweet dad who drove seven hours in a freezing rain storm to help us this weekend! (I was "supervising" the move much to everyone's dismay.) We'll be spending the holidays with family and friends in Toronto before beginning our adventure in the new year. 

Isn't that just the cutest graduation poem? The wine tag was made by Love in Writing, a wonderful etsy shop that also made our wedding invitationsI thoroughly recommend checking them out! 

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

December Links I Love

Independent Fashion Bloggers Links a la Mode

Pinch me -- it's happened again! This week I was featured in Independent Fashion Bloggers' Links à la Mode for my post about how to take a flattering passport photo. I'm proud to be in such great company. Why don't you take some time on this beautiful Saturday morning to get lost in link love and browse these interesting articles. Happy reading!

Best December Reads

Wearing the Pants in the Family

Do you know what? Every time you think you got the pants down, something new comes up! Transparent pants, sequin pants for any occasion, no-pants... heck even changing your sweaters into pants. It's crazy what we'll do to cover our legs! Anyway, while the whole roundup isn't necessarily about PANTS, they certainly come up every now and then. What I like about the idea of "pants" is the idea of taking control of your wardrobe. Maybe everyone in your family wears pants, but in your life who or what is wearing the metaphorical pants? And what can you do to reinvent them? Let's find out in this week's Links a La Mode!

Links à la Mode: December 19th

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Friday, December 20, 2013

What to Wear for Backpacking Through Central America

What to Wear for Backpacking Central America
I’m going backpacking through Central America from January to April 2014 and the two most important questions on my mind are “Where do I go?” and “What do I wear?” (clearly my priorities are in order). I’ve got the first question answered and this week I finally got my packing list figured out as well. 

In the past I’ve been a notorious overpacker as I hate to be limited with outfit choices. I’d throw my favourite pieces in my suitcase without considering whether they actually went together or which accessories best complemented my outfits. Since I’m travelling with a backpack now, I need to be much more selective as every thing I pack means extra weight on my back. 

Have you heard of Travel Fashion Girl? Alex is a long-term traveller who’s been all over the world and creates destination-specific packing lists. She doesn’t have one for Central America yet, but I adapted her 12 Piece Classic Packing List for my trip. Here’s what I’ve got:

  • 2 tank tops (1 black, 1 floral)
  • 3 t-shirts (1 striped, 1 black moisture wicking, 1 orange)
  • 1 tribal patterned tunic
  • 1 knit cardigan 
  • 2 bras (black and nude)
  • 1 sports bra
  • 9 underwear
  • 2 pairs of socks
  • 1 scarf (neon)
  • 1 sarong (black)
  • 1 cross-body purse (turquoise), 1 tote bag (navy blue)
  • 1 belt
  • 1 set of costume jewellery (necklace, chandelier earrings, bracelets but no rings)
  • 2 bathing suits
  • 1 set of pajamas 
  • 1 pair cut-off nylons (to wear under skirts to prevent thigh chafing -- ladies you know how painful this can be!)
  • travel towel
  • windbreaker
Packing list for Central America

Because I was a lot smarter about packing remixable tops and bottoms, my 12 main pieces have given me 21 outfits. Yes you read that right -- 21 outfit options! I added a long-sleeved cardigan as a completer piece, a light coat for rainy days, and an infinity scarf for some extra coverage/warmth. I opted for a neutral palette of black, white, and tan and chose to accessorize with pops of colours in the accessories (like my multi-coloured scarf, turquoise sandals, and cross-body purse).

Here’s what all my clothing looked like when rolled into mesh packing bags:

Packing for Central America

Not too bad, eh! What do you think -- any items of clothing that I’m missing? Let me know in the comments below.

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Product Review: Battle of the Mascaras

Battle of the Mascaras - Which one is better, Diorshow or They're Real?

The Contenders:

In the red corner, Benefit's They're Real Mascara.
In the blue corner, Dior's Diorshow Mascara.

These mascaras have been talked about so often in the beauty world, but at close to $30 a pop, is the tantalizing promise of long lashes worth it? Benefit's They're Real particularly seems to get the Holy Grail of Mascara Award and yes, I admit, I got suckered into checking it out for myself to see if it lived up to the hype. 

Unlike my husband who has such long and pretty eyelashes with a natural curl (so envious), my eyelashes are left wanting for lots of extra oomph. Lashes a plenty I sadly do not have. After feeling a little guilty I succumbed to dishing out the mula to test if either of these luxury mascaras could possibly satisfy my mega eyelash envy. (Seriously though, do you know jealous I feel living with a boy whose eyelashes touch his eyebrows and he doesn't even care! Gah!)

Monday, December 16, 2013

I'm Not a Feminist, But...

I woke up in a feisty mood this morning and decided to write about a topic that really grinds my gears. Recently, I’ve had a few conversations with people (men and women included) where they say, “I’m not a feminist, but…” and proceed to finish that sentence with some lame ass bullshit that pretty much equates to “I’m an ignorant person.”

Let me break it down for you -- you either believe in equality for men and women or you don’t. Simple as that. Here’s a flowchart to help illustrate this concept for those who are visual learners:

via The Huffington Post
Perhaps these people think the issues of sexism and inequality aren’t relevant topics anymore because they aren’t necessarily “in your face” for the typical young adult who is born and raised in an idealistic bubble. “It’s not something I’ve ever had to deal with personally, so I don’t really think it’s that big of a deal,” they say, minimizing the plight of women across the world with their apathy in one fell swoop.

You don’t think that a woman’s right to safety, education, fair earning potential, voting, freedom of mobility, and medical entitlement to her own body is a big deal? 

Are you afraid to be labelled as weak, radical, or anti-men? Afraid to ruffle a few feathers by acknowledging that a group of humans in today’s society, a group that includes your mom, sister, and grandmother, has been disenfranchised for thousands of years and is still discriminated against to this day? Yes, improvements have been made in most countries, particularly in Western cultures, but the playing field between men and women is most certainly not yet equal.

Go ahead and call me a bitch for standing up for my gender. But the next time you get in a car and drive somewhere without a chaperone, or take one of your birth control pills, or agree with a harsh sentence that is handed down to a rapist in court, I encourage you to think about women across the world who are denied the opportunities and security for which we don’t even give a second thought.

The next time you choose to denounce being a feminist I hope you take a second to realize what you’re really saying and the message you’re sending about your beliefs.

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Friday, December 13, 2013

What I'm Loving: 9 Outfits For Your Next Holiday Party

With Christmas only 12 days away (yay!), we're in the midst of holiday party season. If you're anything like me, obviously your biggest concern is what to wear. I've created a few looks below to give you some inspiration so whether you're partying with co-workers, family, or friends, I've got you covered! A little black dress is always a solid choice but here are some alternatives to throw in the mix too.

The key factors when deciding what to wear to holiday parties are the dress code of the event and who you'll be socializing with (we're going to ignore the fact that weather has any influence whatsoever on whether it's appropriate to wear dresses and heels). 

For work holiday parties, I suggest keeping relatively covered up but still having fun with fabrics and accessories. Here are three options you can try that'll have you looking stylish and sophisticated.

9 Holiday Party Looks
Click here to find out where to purchase these items

If you're getting together with family, comfort plays a bit more of a role in your outfit selection. Jumpsuits and maxi dresses are great options if you want to be able to get on the ground and play with the kiddies and they transition very nicely into adult attire for when you're up at the bar chatting with good ole Uncle Larry. Peplums are also a stylish way to hide your growing food baby when those appetizers are too delicious to pass on.
Cocktail party outfit inspiration
Click here to see where to purchase these items

When partying with friends, I always turn up the glam. Coincidentally. all three looks below incorporate sequins (clearly I have a weakness). A strapless sparkly blue number is a refreshing change from the usual holiday colours and pairs beautifully with icy silver accessories. Black and gold is super hot right now but adding in rose gold is an easy way to warm up your outfit and complexion. Lastly, these sequined harem pants from Nordstrom are too fun to pass up! Styled with a silky blouse, stunning earrings, and killer booties, you'll be sure to make heads turn. 

Sequins holiday looks party outfits
Click here to see where to purchase these items 

Have you picked out your holiday party outfits yet? Which pieces are you loving lately?

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Little Black Dress

Classic Black Cocktail Dress

With a flirty ruffle neckline, forgiving shape, and just-above-the-knee length, this simple number hits all the right style notes to make it my perfect little black dress. You know that I love a good white dress (or two), but sometimes I'm just more comfortable in black.

I love that the straps are thick enough that I can wear a normal bra and the fabric is whatever the word for "opposite of clingy" is.... skimming perhaps? Anyway, that means I can eat an extra hor d'oeuvre or five without feeling like I've gotta suck it in, and if your friends cook as well as mine do, that's a very important factor when choosing a party dress ;) I added a wide belt to define my waistline and accessorized with bright pops of pink and purple to bring some colour to my outfit.

Holiday party season is in full swing and this LBD is my go-to dress when I want to feel sexy and comfortable. That being said, a girl doesn't need to have just one perfect cocktail dress, does she? Check back tomorrow for another style roundup of classic cocktail dresses perfect for the holiday season.

The little black dress / pink accents

H&M dress / Mix No. 6 neon captoe heels via DSW / The Bay cocktail ring / Purse from Cambodian artisan

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Making My Pre-Travel Checklist

Pre Trip Planning Tips

I am a list girl through and through. As lots of change is soon to happen in my life (moving in two weeks and beginning our four month adventure in four weeks), the only way for me to keep track of everything I need to take care of is by writing to do lists. Do I write them all in one spot, like in a daily journal or something? No, of course not,
duh. How logical would that be to keep all my lists in one central location so I could find them when I need them? 

But lucky for me (and maybe other soon-to-be travellers who are thinking of what they need to organize before taking off on a multi-month backpacking trip), I wrote this blog post to keep all of my to do items in check.

Here’s my pre-travel checklist for what you need to take care of before leaving your apartment, backpacking for a few months, then moving to a new country.

  • Organize itinerary
  • Research and purchase travel-related gear
  • Make lists of what I intend to pack (clothing, beauty/hygiene essentials, first aid kit) (clearly in that order)
  • Test-drive packing and walking with a backpack filled with these items
  • Make copies of important docs and register with the government as a Canadian abroad
  • Research visa requirements, costs, and restrictions
  • Book accommodations for first couple of nights
  • Buy travel insurance (World Nomads stood out for us as the best option)
  • Learn local language (this is obviously extreme but at least learn the basic phrases)
  • Research which vaccinations are recommended for area(s) of travel (here's what I got for backpacking through Central America)
  • Book travel medical consultation (need to relatively know your route for the appointment)
  • Buy 6+ month supple of contacts 
  • Get prescriptions written out and filled in advance
  • cancel bills and services, give notice on apartment
  • update mailing address
  • sort through which items to trash, donate, and store
  • oh yeah. pack up all our junk
Personal / Misc.
  • gather friends’ and family’s addresses so we can send postcards
  • order business cards
  • sort out bank accounts and where to keep our savings
  • finalize online storage and how i’m going to back up my photos/articles

Do you have any other suggestions for soon-to-be-travellers? If you think of anything that’s missing from this list, there’s a good chance I haven’t done it yet so please share in the comments below!

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Saturday, December 07, 2013

What I'm Wearing: At Home

If you were to see me working away at home, or perhaps if you stopped by mi casa for a mug of something warm on this wintery weekend, you'd likely find me with my hair thrown up in a bun wearing one of my husband's oversized shirts with leggings. My standard, go-to, "I'm chillin" outfit.

comfy leggings

We'd chat about what's going on in the world today, and I'd confess to only knowing a fraction of what I should about Nelson Mandela. He passed away on Thursday, the same night as the film about his life premiered, "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom". I'd like to see that over the holiday break. Melyssa posted a beautiful roundup of Mandela's most famous quotes, a very inspiring read if you have a couple minutes to spare. My favourite?
“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”

Friday, December 06, 2013

Catching Up & November Links I Love

Last weekend life worked out in the way that it sometimes does where serendipitously everyone's schedules aligned at the last minute and before I knew it we were packed and on our way to Montreal. We want to take advantage of spending time with friends before we leave in a few weeks, so we hopped in the car for an impromptu trip to Montreal (normally about a 2 hour drive) to spend quality time with good friends of ours before beginning our travels to Central America

I put away (most) technology, totally turned off blogging, and enjoyed days filled with conversation, laughter, unhealthy-but-way-delicious food (please tell me you know what poutine is), and most importantly, great company. 

bundled up cold
All bundled up to explore the city. Once we realized it was -15 C degree weather (5F), we stopped only for food then went back inside
food quebec poutine
Poutine! Fries, cheese curds, and gravy for those who don't know this delicious French Canadian dish. Way better than it looks, I promise
The weather was beyond frigid and since I've already visited Montreal many times, I wasn't too concerned about touring different sites. These are pretty much all the photos I have because I was legit concerned about losing my fingers to frostbite when we were outdoors. What kind of Canadian am I anyway, you might be asking, but when the wind bites at your face and your eyes are tearing up from the windchill, it's no fun to be exploring around outside (especially without mitts). When I was back indoors though, it was so easy to get caught up in the moment and put my camera aside. While I love having pictures, I don't always enjoy taking pictures and being all up in everyone's faces, know what I mean?

Anyway, after an extended break it usually doesn’t take me too long to jump back into real life obligations but with this trip, enjoying the good old days in general, and thinking about packing up to move I've been truly awful at letting those emails pile up or putting blogging on the back burner. Thankfully today I'm back at it. I've learned that when I'm getting into the blogging grove, there are four things I need:

  1. quiet space where I can talk to myself (sometimes I need to read aloud, ok?) 
  2. bright lighting 
  3. soft music playing, usually something folky or acoustic (current faves include John Mayer and Gareth Bush) 
  4. no short time restrictions (like photography, I really enjoy writing when I can do it organically and not have to “pump it out” in 20 minutes. That’s what I used to do with papers in university so writing feels like work for me if I do it like that)

Today I figured why not start off by sharing a few links I love from November. I have article ideas bursting out of my brain and am so excited to sit quietly on this Friday morning and just write. Make sure to check back next week for new posts including some pretty cocktail dresses and my picks for travel makeup.

Now for November’s link love…

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Our Backpacking Route Through Central America

where to backpack in central america
Original photo source
(UPDATE: Check out the revised route here!)

After months of thinking about travel and saving all our money, we're six weeks out from backpacking through Central America and I couldn't be more excited. I literally woke up this morning thinking about Little Corn Island in Nicaragua with a smile on my face. 

There's a lot of change going on in my life right now with finding new tenants, packing, painting, and moving out of our apartment. Thanks to my different schedule I've still been able to delve into planning the logistics of our trip, staying up late into the night until my neck cramps from being hunched over my travel research. Sometimes I get carried away and really go into the details, like finding out which bus companies offer which routes (Tica and Hedman Alas pop up frequently) and how much things cost ($5 USD for lunch or dinner is the norm). I can't help but feel the excitement build as our departure date grows nearer.

For my husband and I, this will be our first time travelling long-term together. We’ve had a bunch of conversations to make sure we’re on the same page when it comes to travel style, budgeting, and the “feel” of the trip that we’re going for. I naturally like to be the planner so over the weekend I really got into our itinerary (which got the thumbs up from M).

Our Criteria

  • We want to travel to all seven countries in Central America (Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama)
  • Length of travel: 3 - 3.5 months. We’ll purchase our return tickets on the road and see how we feel
  • Even though we're backpacking and keeping to a budget, we’re still travelling as a couple and prefer private rooms when available
  • We’d rather splurge on our activities than luxurious accommodations
  • We’d prefer to support local guesthouses and companies
  • We like museums, ruins, and volcanoes but we’re not obsessed about seeing, touring, or climbing them all
  • We'll travel by bus and boat throughout the area
  • Accommodations average $25 USD per night for private room and hot water bathroom
  • Daily spending average $30 USD per person per day

Thursday, November 21, 2013

How To Take a Good Passport Photo

With the holidays right around the corner, lots of us are getting ready to travel so we can spend quality time with our family and friends. If, like mine, your family is spread out over a country or two, that usually means pulling out your passport and getting ready to hop on a plane.

Especially when you're flying to another country, it's important not to let your passport get within six months of its expiry date (some countries refuse to allow entry after this point). If you're coming up on that date, time to queue up at your local passport office and get that sucker renewed! Before you tackle your to-do list, though, let's take a minute to talk about one of the most important parts of your passport, aside from those prized visa stamps -- the photo! 

How many times have you cringed when handing over your passport because the photo is less than flattering? I remember my first "adult" passport, from 16 - 21 years old, my photo was awful. Just terrible. Hair in a slicked back ponytail. Unflattering makeup. The angry look of death which is apparently my natural resting face. With my second photo (pictured below), I overcompensated with too much lipstick and blush. Now that I'm on my third passport I've learned how to pick up my game and today I'm spilling my secrets! 


Here are my top three tips for how to take a good passport photo:

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

To Ring or Not to Ring

Our backpacking trip to Central America is getting closer every day and my brain is spinning with all the items I’m trying to keep track of on my pre-travel to do list. With our trip now six weeks away, one of the little details that’s come up lately is the issue of whether or not to travel with our wedding rings. 

At this time last year we were counting down the days to our honeymoon in Jamaica. Since we were going to a Sandals all-inclusive, we figured that the resort would be secure enough that we didn’t have to worry about being robbed or anything like that and we could safely walk around with our rings on.

Our wedding rings. Photo courtesy of Dave and Charlotte

Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Irrational Fear


Allow me to preface this post by saying that I’ve been living on my own since I was 18. 

I lived with roommates throughout university, some of which were awesome and became my best friends, some of which remained roommates and we didn’t necessarily have each other’s backs in the same way. We each did our own thing and came and went as we pleased. 

I’ve always had my own space and think of myself as a rather independent person. At 22 years old, I picked up and moved across the world to Korea and lived by myself. At 23 years old, I embarked on a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, travelling by myself.

Three years ago I came back to Canada and moved in with my boyfriend, and that’s where it all began.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What I'm Loving: Fur Vests and Leather Leggings

I've been trying very hard not to shop for myself and just focus on Christmas gifts for others. Especially with our trip to Central America coming up, it doesn't make sense to be purchasing things for myself right now. 

But as much as I know I should stay clear, I can't help but feel the pull toward fall and winter fashion. Does that happen to you too?? I won't even be sticking around for much of the season so rather than opening up my wallet I'm turning to online window shopping instead. 

Lately two things have been catching my eye: fur vests and leather leggings. Here are a few looks I put together.

Click here to find out where to purchase these items

Click here to find out where to purchase these items

What's your opinion about fur vests and leather leggings? Since it's my first time playing with this trend, I'd personally stick to neutral colour palettes and add visual interest by wearing a variety of textures instead. This is one of my best suggestions for those who want to try out new trends without feeling too much out of your comfort zone.

What're you online window shopping for these days?

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Monday, November 11, 2013

How I Remember


Today is Remembrance Day (or Veterans Day, or perhaps Armistice Day, depending on where you’re reading this) and every year as this date comes around, I’m reminded of a funny story from the first time Matthew and I spent this holiday together.

My husband, who at the time was my boyfriend of six months, was stationed in North Carolina and asked me to fly to the States that weekend to be his date for the Marine Corps Ball. For those who may not know, Nov. 10th is the official birthday of the US Marine Corps so this day goes hand in hand with Nov. 11th.  

The USMC celebrates their birthday with a cake-cutting event which M’s unit had been notified was not mandatory. Told he’d be getting a 96er (military term for four day weekend), M made arrangements for us to get away to a beautiful suite overlooking Wrightsville Beach so I wouldn’t have to stay in the barracks (dorm rooms) with him and his two roommates. We should have known things would change though as M’s unit always had the worst luck with getting their weekend liberty revoked, but the chain of command had been notified and everything seemed fine. 

We were young and in love and hadn’t seen each other in three months, so we happily drove an hour away from Camp Lejeune and spent the next couple of days literally frolicking along the beach. This Canadian girl couldn’t believe her luck with this wonderfully warm North Carolina weather!

The view from our balcony 

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Calgary Highlights

Last week I flew halfway across Canada for the first time and had such a blast in Calgary, Alberta! I stayed with my wonderful friend Klara while I was in town and this girl turned out all the hostessing stops -- it was such a fun visit and very rewarding to see more of my own country.

I arrived on Thursday (Halloween) where we spent the day catching up on girl talk and eating lots of chips and salsa. Later on, Minnie Mouse, Cat Woman, and a flapper dressed up for a night of drinks and dancing. As we were sipping our jagerbombs like classy ladies do, I couldn't help but notice the couples that was dancing around us. And when I say I couldn't help but notice I mean they were twirling and flipping all over the dance floor and in the middle of the bar. How do so many young people know how to do these hardcore country swing dance moves? Is it mandatory in school growing up in Alberta? 

Anyway, the dance moves were entertaining until I almost got kicked in the head. Instead of pointing out to the young'ns that, as cool as they were, maybe the place was too crowded to continue with the same flipping moves over and over, I distracted myself with another round of drinks that I probably didn't need.

The many drunk faces of Minnie Mouse

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

October Links I Love

Currently writing you from Calgary so I'll make this short and sweet! On Thursday I'll have lots more to say with some beautiful pictures from my first trip to Western Canada :) Here are my favourite posts from the last month. Keep on reading if you want to get lost in some link love on this chilly Tuesday morning...

Karma at its best!! Karly talks about why bullies suck. Especially racist bullies.

For any bloggers who are curious about how to make image links -- Dana’s got you covered.

Erica writes about what she wishes she knew when looking for a rental apartment. Did you know girlfriend survived four windowless months in a basement apartment? So many useful pieces of advice for those who are thinking of moving soon.

Alternatively, if you've decided to move back home with the parentals, Brazen Careerist lays down the official ground rules for 20-somethings living with mom and dad.

Mioara shares four tips for how to dress for a fall wedding.

Holy eff Candice was one busy girl in college -- here are 15 things she learned from her undergraduate days that offer some life lessons.

Oh my gosh I just love Jennifer Lawrence (if you couldn’t already tell by the gifs in this post) and this photo campaign with Dior is simply stunning! Check out what Donald has to say about Jennifer's latest styling.

Having a proper bra fitting makes such a difference! Tanesha lists 5 things you can check to see if you’re wearing the wrong bra size.

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

3 Ways to Wear Chunky Knits Without Looking Chunky (Part 3)

Welcome to the third and final post of this week's series! If you'd like to get caught up, here's where you can find tip number one and tip number two.

A few weeks ago I mentioned my love for mustard yellow then, lo and behold, Target stores opened in Ottawa and this drapey cardigan was welcomed into my closet. I was drawn to this piece immediately not only because of the colour but because I knew this cut would be flattering on my frame.  

When looking for knit sweaters to add to your wardrobe, consider pieces that create movement and offer visual interest by draping flatteringly down your body. Nobody likes to put on an outfit and always have to remember to suck it in! This brings me to tip number three:

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

3 Ways to Wear Chunky Knits Without Looking Chunky (Part 2)

Today I'm sharing my second tip for wearing chunky knits without looking chunky! (In case you missed Part 1, catch up here.) 

Yesterday I wrote how some ladies prefer to stay away from thicker knit fabrics because they find them too bulky or unflattering. I love a good cable knit sweater as much as anyone, but your typical round neck or oversized turtleneck? I'll just have to admire from afar because those looks ain't gonna happen. But guess what -- that's okay! It's important to make fashion work for you, not against you. 

Being a "thick" girl (as Trinis would say) with broad shoulders, I've had to find sweaters that complement my body type and are still fashionable and funky for the colder months. So what's my second trick for wearing chunky knits without looking chunky myself? 

2. Open up your neck

Okay that tip might sound weird at first, but hear me out. If you're heavy on top or perhaps have a thicker midsection, wearing a closed neck heavy knit sweater probably makes you feel bigger than you are. I hate when I have fabric all the way up to neck as it feels so restrictive. Oftentimes being totally covered up adds width to where I'm already at my widest with nothing to break it up. I'm not doing my body justice because my proportions are all out of whack.

In contrast, wear an open neck to balance out proportions. 

By choosing a v-neck tshirt and long necklace, I'm opening up my clavicle area and drawing the eye downwards. I completed my look with skimming black jeggings (ugh I can't believe that word is a part of my vocabulary now) and tall black boots.  


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

3 Ways to Wear Chunky Knits Without Looking Chunky (Part 1)

Here in Ottawa fall is still in fine form, but there's no doubt that the chill in the air means winter in coming (said in Ned Stark's Game of Thrones voice). So as the temperatures drop, it's time to dig a little deeper in our closets and pull out those heavy knit sweaters to stay warm.

This week I'll be showing three ways to wear chunky knits without looking chunky yourself. Some girls prefer to stay away from heavier knit fabrics in fear that extra bulk equals extra weight, but why should the best pieces of fall fashion only be reserved for the skinnie minnies? Come back on tomorrow and Thursday to see more tips for wearing chunky knits, but right now let's start off with outfit number one. 

1. Put a belt on it

Use a belt to show off your waistline and create shape underneath a knit sweater. Here's an example of an office-friendly outfit for those who work in a business-casual type of environment. Substitute bootcut black jeans for trousers if you need to step it up a notch.




INC short sleeved belted knit sweater / Bebe bootcut jeans / Kelly & Katie boots via DSW (similar) / Donkie leather purse via Korean boutique (in Myeondong station)
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