Saturday, October 18, 2014

Don't Worry, I'm an Expert...

Silly selfies from
The face of an expert
I'm an expert at...
  • being late to the party. This post for #Blogtember14 for example was meant to go up yesterday. Oops! The Trini blood in me runs strong
  • stuffing wine and cheese into my face
  • driving faster than the speed limit 
  • taking six freaking years to write a blog post
  • losing hair ties and bobby pins all over the world
  • reading an email, getting distracted halfway, thinking I replied, then coming back days later to realize it's sitting in my drafts
  • unpacking as soon as I get to a new vacation spot (however I'm terrible at unpacking as soon as I get home)
What does home mean to you?
Case in point: I've been in Toronto for a week and still have suitcases in my bedroom. It ain't pretty.
  • eating chocolate
  • smudging my nail polish five minutes after applying it
  • always choosing the slowest line. Whether it's at the grocery store, airport, train station... doesn't matter. If you see me waiting in line, do yourself a favour and don't stand behind me
  • thinking I'm a Mario kart champ (until the wine wears off)
  • taking a thousand pictures yet not editing any of them
  • losing said photos one way or another 
Now I know not everyone can be an expert like me (hah!) but I'd love to hear one little thing at which you'd consider yourself a pro. Share it with me in the comments! 
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