Monday, January 27, 2014


Drinking >> a pineapple smoothie ("Un licuado piña con leche, por favor"). Eating >> watermelon and cantaloupe with yogurt and honey. Seeing >> I'm sitting on a restaurant patio overlooking the main street filled with people bustling by. In front of me, a man is pushing a bicycle buggy cart loaded with bags of rice. The ocean is not too far in the distance, maybe about 40 m ahead. Thinking >> about two books I binged read from the same author in the past two days, Gone Girl and Sharp Objects. They’re fast-paced, captivating adult murder mysteries that aren’t as cheesy as they sound, though they are a little dark and twisted.

Relaxing in Utila, Honduras
Reading spot #1, overlooking the back deck
Reading in the afternoon in Utila Honduras
Reading spot #2, spending the afternoon at a quiet restaurant
Smelling >> the vaguely fishy smell that comes with life close to the ocean… or the sweet smell of honey from the mound I drizzled over my homemade and slightly sour yogurt. Depends on how deeply I inhale.
Feeling >> relaxed, itchy, full, and a gentle breeze cooling off the morning. Planning >> to go kayaking this afternoon. Snorkelling and diving are great activities but neither of them are particularly exhausting and I’m craving a bit more activity today.

Diving with Altons Dive Center Utila
Heading out on my first dive. I'm in the blue jacket
Hoping >> I will wake up tomorrow magically being able to speak Spanish fluently. That would be nice.
Laughing >> at the mini-traffic jam that just occurred. A total of about 10 vehicles, two cyclists, and four pedestrians were involved, all because a golf cart and pick up truck played chicken with parked motorcycles on the side of the street. The group had to wait for literally three minutes for someone to come and wheel a motorbike out of the way so they could pass, yet drivers were already so impatient they were out of their vehicles, honking and swearing up ahead. With the local accent, I’m hearing a lot of “What the FOCK!” (rhymes with knock). I think these drivers would have a mental breakdown if they had to experience Toronto traffic. What’re you currently up to?

Utila sunset

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  1. Looks and sounds beautiful. <3

    1. Such a relaxing morning, I think you would've loved the quiet downtime especially

  2. Love following your journey.

  3. All of this sounds like where I want to be!

    1. Utila is great! Very laid back lifestyle here on the island

  4. This is so cool! I'm wishing it was me... Currently I'm hungry so I'm about to cook dinner. Something involving boneless chicken breast. :-)


  5. Ahh sounds so relaxing, exactly what I need to be doing right now! Currently I'm finishing up some homework before the Super Bowl starts :)

    1. I'm not particularly a fan of football but I did manage to catch half of the concert with Bruno Mars (he's so talented!) and RHCP. What did you think?


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