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{TV Review} Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

Spoilers Ahead!

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The writers heard my plea last week and started off this episode with Bran, Rican, Osha, and Hodor (Hodor!). I was so distracted by Bran’s new pubescent face and voice that it took a while for me to pay attention to his dream. Then who should hijack Bran’s vision but the kid from Love Actually! It seems that Jojen Reed will become a crucial character who will guide Bran as he develops his gift. I just don’t quite understand why Jojen also seems to be physically weak – is this a characteristic of wargs? Do all wargs have a psychic-we-can-see-things-together connection?


Over at Robb Stark’s camp, we learn that Catelyn’s father has died and a group will be attending his funeral. Smart idea? I dunno... but I bet you some action is going down while Robb is busy paying his respects. Meanwhile Theon’s getting tortured over on the rack but since I’m sure it doesn’t hurt as much as those two farmer’s boys who he burned alive I don’t feel sorry for him in the least. After a couple of screws in his foot and losing a fingernail or two, little squire boy reveals that Big Sis Yara has a plan to rescue her bro. I’m thoroughly disappointed and hope her plan goes awry. Clearly Theon is at his best when he’s crying and confused not to mention the epic showdown that needs to happen between him and Robb.

Brienne. Oh Brienne. Why didn’t you just smack a bitch when you had the chance? Why did you let Jaime’s talk get in your head? How did you not expect that he would pull a move on the bridge? Why didn’t you just wait til nightfall? Lots of questions for you to ponder after you’re taken prisoner. On the other hand, at least Stark’s men got the two of them and stupid Catelyn’s stupid trade-off plan is thwarted (for now).

We finally catch up with little Arya who likes to think she’s a big dangerous woman. Pulling out your sword like that at the table? Telling obvious lies that any layman could see though? (Maybe she gets that from her sister.) What bad luck that The Hound walks in just as she’s trying to slip out. This girl just can’t catch a break! Hopefully it’s not too late and she’s smart enough to swallow her ego and play up her childish innocence if she gets taken (which she will) and has to beg for her life. 

Saving the best for last, I thoroughly enjoyed the drama over in King’s Landing. Grandmother Tyrell is the life of the party and how can you not respect a woman who loves her cheese that much!

Despite her sass though and seemingly good intentions, the fact remains that she and her granddaughter are master schemers and they’ve got bigger concerns than protecting Sansa. Joffrey, the most maddening character of them all, gave us a peek at his king’s bod and all I could think about was Justin Bieber! Come on, that’s a striking resemblance isn’t it! I hope Margaery plays him for a fool.


As I kind of expected, this episode was a bit slow but hopefully it’s because the writers are setting the stage for all the drama that’s about to come. Bring on the dragons!

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