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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Life Lately

Have you ever had one of those days where there is so much to do and you know you need to be immensely productive but somehow you end up doing nothing at all?

Yesterday afternoon that was my way of coping with the stress and overwhelm: just do nothing.

Spring Outfit Inspiration: Chambray + Pixie Pants >>
Madewell chambray shirt / Everlane t-shirt / 
Old Navy printed pants / Caribbean Joe sandals via Sears

Once again I find myself surrounded by suitcases and backpacks and boxes and lamps (and really I could go on but I think you get the point). My husband and I are moving into our new townhouse tomorrow and we are so ready. Not literally, of course, as described by my inaction above. But mentally we’re definitely 100% there.

My in-laws have kindly let us stay in their garage apartment since we came back from Central America and we’ve been incredibly grateful for that. Now that I’ve got my green card and officially live in the States, though, it’s time for us to move into our own space.

It seems like most people our age are already homeowners but M and I aren’t there yet. And you know what — we’re okay with that. I’m 28, he’s 30, and we’re not ready or able to commit to buying a house right now. We don’t even know where we’ll be next year! Hopefully it’ll be continuing with the path we’re currently on but flexibility is key in our lives right now and renting allows us that maintain that maneuverability.

Not being homeowners hasn’t stopped me from planning the shit out of our interior decor in the new place though. If you follow me on Pinterest then you may have noticed that I’m all about the neutrals — grey and white are my jam right now. We finally have TWO bedrooms, access to our own backyard, open concept living space, stainless steel appliances — I’m so excited! Moving from a one bedroom apartment into a two bedroom townhouse is a huge upgrade. I think this’ll be a really good step for us and, once and for all, will be a way to kick any lingering winter blues to the curb. Nesting feels good.

Anyway, that’s the latest with me. Life is good and the weather is warm and there’s much to do. We’re moving tomorrow and this time I’m determined to make it a smoother transition than when we left Ottawa as I was literally painting my nails the day before instead of packing away our kitchen. Not the smartest decision but I’ve since learned haha! This time we’re doing things a bit differently: we’re only moving 20 minutes across town which really helps to take the pressure off of doing everything in one trip and we don’t have any living room or kitchen furniture to move so that helps to simplify things.

For now, though, I suppose it’s time to get back to this mess. I’m making a thank you dinner for my in-laws tonight so I should start prepping for that now. The ball isn’t going to roll itself... 

Hope you have a productive weekend! 

PS: Other ways I've worn this chambray shirt and these pixie pants (the love runs deep).
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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Girls in Glasses

Casual Style: Girls in Glasses via

Cozy wool socks + black leggings = at home uniform via

Casual Style: Girls in Glasses via

I’ve been wearing glasses pretty much every day of my life for the past 20 years.  

My parents still recount a story about the day that I put on my first pair of glasses when I was seven years old. They were huge, round, Harry Potter sized frames (long before Harry Potter was cool, of course). As soon as I put them on I asked, “Mom, what are all those dots on your face?” I never knew she had freckles before then. 

Since that day glasses have been a part of my life in one way or another. 

Now that I’m in my 20s, I only wear glasses for about four hours a day. In the evenings when my contacts start to feel a bit dry, after I’ve already changed into leggings or sweatpants (assuming I wasn’t already wearing them before… ahem), I wash my face and switch into my glasses before I go to bed.

Throughout the years, there’s consistently been one main reason why I need to replace my frames – the right arm always gets bent out of shape.

Firmoo glasses review from
Top: my old frames vs. Below: my new ones c/o Firmoo
It took me a little too long to figure out that’s because I habitually take off my glasses with one hand. Don’t do this! Learn from my mistake. Day after day, taking off your glasses this way makes the screws weaker and eventually stretches the frames so they’ll no longer fit properly on your face. 

When Firmoo reached out about reviewing their glasses, I thought what perfect timing as lately I’ve been reading lots of good things about this company. I chose dark tortoiseshell frames but this lighter pair was a close second and these burgundy frames were on my shortlist too. Right now Firmoo is running some great promotions like getting 50% off your first pair and they even have frames you can try for free.

Within a week, my new pair of glasses arrived in the mail and I’m really pleased with them. In retrospect I think I would've preferred the lighter colour as I was hoping for a bit more 'tortoiseshell' but I'm happy with the dark frames too. My favourite part is the adorable packaging – this case makes me feel inspired to do some future travel planning!

How to prevent your glasses from breaking
Firmoo glasses review

Banana Republic t-shirt (similar) / Lululemon leggings / Roots socks (my fave!) / Jade earrings from local artisan in Costa Rica / Firmoo glasses c/o 

These days I’m making a conscious effort to not just whip off my glasses before I fall asleep. Hopefully my new Firmoo frames will fare better than my old ones in regards to the crooked arms – I’ll definitely keep you updated. 

Do you wear glasses? Are you also a serial glasses breaker? 

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PS: Another example of a comfy “at home” outfit. Yes I’m guilty of wearing leggings as pants again.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How to Still Be Stylish When You're a Budget Traveller

Those of us who like to travel on a budget know that just because we’re carrying backpacks and taking overnight buses doesn’t mean that we all like to wear gypsy pants or *shudder* the dreaded zip-away-cargo-pants-shorts combo.  

I personally view travel style as an extension of personal style, not its second class cousin. I usually stay away from “travel clothes” per se (with the exception of this awesome travel belt) because they’re too utilitarian for me. 

You know how you usually feel better when you look better? Just because you’re a backpacker or travelling on a budget doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your style. Here are four tips I swear by for looking put together on the road.

How to Still Be Stylish When You're a Budget Traveller


Capsule wardrobes are having their moment in blogland right now, but if you’ve ever packed remixable outfits for a trip then you know it’s the exact same concept. When packing for travel, especially if you’re only bringing carry-on, choose tops that match with all of your bottoms and never underestimate the power of dresses. I wrote a lot about this in my post about what to wear for backpacking Central America if you’re interested in reading more. The most important takeaway: make sure pieces are versatile so you can wear them for more than one type of scenario.


Based on the colours you chose in step one, pick a few accessories in complementary colours that will match the majority of your outfits. Simple pieces that coordinate with each other are a perfect way to look put together without putting in a lot of effort. A scarf in particular is the ultimate multitasking accessory, especially if you're travelling within conservative cultures.

For jewellery, I recommend bringing no more than one pair of earrings, a necklace, a funky ring, and a set of bangles. You can mix and match from day to day, plus it leaves lots of room should you pick up any more accessories on the road (which, duh, is bound to happen). 

Packing tips for backpackers: choose complementary accessories. More on


When you’re regularly on the move, it’s important to have clothing that dries quickly, washes easily, and isn’t too heavy or bulky. In hot and humid environments, the key for me was to have a few moisture-wicking pieces in my wardrobe rotation. They’re great for staples like leggings and tank tops and can often be worn again after they’ve been aired out.  


Why bring it if you don’t like it? When I pack for trips, I choose clothing that I enjoy wearing regularly because if I’m packing a capsule wardrobe I’m probably repeating pieces every few days. It’s important to have items that are flattering and make me feel good wearing them. And  how could I forget – travellers take a ton of photos! Do you really want to be wearing the aforementioned zip-away cargos in all of your pictures because they're the only pants you brought? Not unless you're my dad (sorry dad).  

How to not look like a backpacker when you're living out of a backpack
What are your secrets for not looking like a backpacker when you’re travelling long-term?

PS: My travel makeup essentials + a pre-travel planning checklist for anyone who's getting ready to pick up and go.
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How to not look like a backpacker when you're living out of a backpack

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

4 Things That Will Help You Get Shit Done in Coffee Shops

4 Things That Will Help You Get Shit Done in Coffee Shops via

What to wear when you're sitting at a desk all day

Black oxford high heel booties

The idea of working from home is glorious. Not having to “get ready” in the morning, zero commute time, and the privilege of elastic-waist pants sound oh so very promising. But for those of us who get distracted easily or are prone to procrastinate, working at home (especially when you live with others) presents its own set of challenges. 

If you’re having one of those days where the concept of productivity might as well be a bubble floating in circles around your head, switching up your scenery and getting out of the house. For me, these are the days I make an effort to get dressed in “real clothes” and do my hair and makeup. If you work from home or have an employer that’s flexible with office hours, try these four tips to help you stay focused and master the art of getting shit done in coffee shops. 


My husband can totally vouch for me on this subject – I’m one of those people whose temperature fluctuates wildly in a day. One minute I’m boiling and the next I feel like the coldest person in the world. That’s why layers and a bit of stretch are so important – staying comfortable throughout the day means you can keep working away. I received this scarf as a Christmas gift and love how it’s thin enough to wear indoors but long enough to wrap around multiple times so I stay warm even in the middle of the arctic temperatures. 

Cozy mustard sweater + patterned scarf + rings
Target mustard cardigan (similar) / H&M patterned scarf (similar) / Bebe bootcut jeans 
American Eagle oxford booties via Payless (similar) 


Sometimes the "coffee shop buzz" is the perfect ambience, but other times the background noise can get too distracting (that’s when I go into people-watching mode). If the conversations around me keep catching my attention, time to pop in my earphones and retreat back to writing world. This week I’m on a Sia kick – what’s your favourite type of music to work to?


We all know that it’s important to drink lots of water throughout the day, but what do you do in coffee shops that want you to… you know, keep on buying more coffee? If they don’t have a self-serve water station, I confess: I save money by bringing my own bottle of water (or two) stashed away in my purse.


Another tip to save money while working in coffee shops is to eat before you go. Of course, if you're camping out for the entire day you're likely going to buy a meal while you're there. But if you're working for a shorter chunk of time, it's usually healthier and cheaper to make food yourself beforehand. Plus, if you’re anything like me, it’s also easier to resist the sugary treats that silently call your name from behind the counter (I can’t be the only one this happens to! haha). With a full tummy and lots of water throughout the day, you’re more likely to stay on track and keep getting shit done!
Are you a fan of working in coffee shops, and if so, what tips do you recommend to stay focused?

PS: See how I wore this mustard cardigan last fall + these black jeans for an office-appropriate look.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Is Oxblood Still a Thing?

Slouchy blazer and leather-trimmed tee from

Lately it's been a bit difficult to feel inspired by my wardrobe. I'm paying the price for spending my summer in Tennessee indulging in deep-fried awesomeness, generously poured glasses of wine, and cheese that's described more specifically than queso amarillo (yellow cheese). It can be so hard to resist the good things in life, know what I mean? 

Not only are my clothes unfortunately fitting tighter but half of my things are still with my husband in Tennessee. My life feels so unorganized and it's hard to be creative in my closet when I'm missing a ton of my go-to pieces. I've been looking for a more professional purse/carry-all/laptop bag so over the weekend I popped into the mall to see if I could find any stylish options. 

For better or for worse it was one of those times where every store had a sale and I totally got bit by the shopping bug! With our travels, transitioning to freelancing, student loan repayments, and immigration costs for moving to the US, it's hard for me to justify spending a lot on new clothing and accessories right now.

Yet the stores kept calling my name... 

When I noticed this oxblood blazer on sale for only $25 I was immediately drawn to its slouch factor. Maroon, burgundy, oxblood... whatever you want to call it (though really, who likes picturing oxblood?), I've always been a fan of this purpley-red colour. The blazer appears quite purple in these photos but it's more reddish in real life. It wasn't until I got home that I realized how well the blazer, leather-trimmed shirt, and colour-blocked purse went with my printed pants that I wore earlier this summer. Does that happen to you too, when you accidentally buy pieces that are super matchy? 

Fall fashion: Slouchy blazer + printed ankle pants + cap toe flats

Dynamite slouchy oxblood blazer (sold out) / Banana Republic shirt (similar) / Old Navy printed pants / Payless black cap toe flats / Call It Spring purse

Fall fashion: Printed pants + cap toe flats + colour block tote bag

Ladies fashion: Oxblood blazer from

Dynamite slouchy oxblood blazer / Banana Republic shirt (similar) / Old Navy printed pants / Payless black cap toe flats / Call It Spring purse

I wore this outfit for a morning of errands and appointments and an afternoon spent working at a coffee shop. I can happily report that my new purse fits my planner, laptop, charger, etc. and looks a lot more polished than the canvas tote bag I was using in the summer. To dress this outfit up a notch I'd swap out the flats for cute black booties, add a deeper shade of lipstick, and amp up the jewellery.

Are you still a fan of last fall's trendy oxblood?

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

What I'm Wearing: This Season's Biggest Trend

Everywhere I turn I'm seeing this season's biggest trend. Can you guess what it is?

Fall fashion: Leather and leopard from

This season's biggest trend: The Leather Slip On Sneaker from

Leather Slip On Sneakers from

Chambray: The ultimate transition piece for summer/fall

Target quilted leather slip on sneakers / Madewell chambray shirt / J. Crew leopard print scarf (original sold out but similar here) / Everlane tshirt / Express scuba leggings (original sold out but similar here) H&M cuff bracelet (similar here) / The It camera bag

Slip on sneakers are no longer just for the punks and hipsters. They've been all over the place this fall, so when my trusty black flats literally fell apart on me last month, I pulled into the nearest store with the intention of picking up a simple replacement ballet flat to get me through the rest of the day. 

As I turned the corner in Target these quilted leather babies caught my eye. Le Chateau and Steve Madden have some beautiful (albeit pricier) options as well but since I'm on a hard core budget right now, the $25 Target option looked pretty good to me!

I've been hesitant to try out this trend because I have big feet (size 10) so I thought they would look ginormous in slip on sneakers. Once I put them on though, and especially once I photographed them, my self-consciousness went away. They look totally proportional (to my eye at least!) and they're super comfortable. I didn't have any blisters breaking in these slip on sneakers which is awesome because I think we can all agree blisters and flats are the absolute worst! Heels I expect, but flats? Ain't nobody got time for that. 

This season's biggest trend: Leather slip on sneakers via

I wouldn't recommend packing these slip on sneakers for long-term travel or hot days filled with walking/sight seeing because they're not particularly breathable. I imagine them getting pretty stinky with daily use in warm weather, but for casual wear they get two thumbs up from me.

PS: Remember when I talked about my trusty chambray shirt as the perfect transition piece? Don't be surprised if you see me wearing this a lot  I'm all about remixable clothing!

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Country Roads & Travel Planning

The perfect transition piece - the chambray shirt from

Travel Style from

Casual travel style /

Madewell chambray shirt / Everlane tshirt / Old Navy linen shorts / Sperry shoes

Sunday was one of those days that can only be described as good for the soul. 

I stayed in bed until 10.30, ate a simple breakfast, and knew that I wanted to get outside and do something that afternoon. My time in the US is winding down so I’m trying to make the most of the days that I have left by living like I’m travelling, even if I don’t have the money to go far.  

As you may have noticed from the header of my blog, I love wine. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned my love of whiskey though, particularly Maker’s Mark and Jack Daniels. Turns out both of these distilleries are within driving distance of where we are in Tennessee. Unfortunately the timing didn’t work out because sampling tours aren’t available on Sundays and obviously samples at a distillery are a must.

My husband and I decided to push the tour to this upcoming weekend and combine it with a little getaway that we’re splurging on to celebrate our second anniversary. We’re taking a couple days off to explore the local food and music scene in downtown Nashville, and since historic Lynchburg isn’t too far away, Jack Daniels it is!

Anyway, that still left us with the issue of what to do on our Sunday afternoon. We decided to take advantage of the beautifully pleasant temperatures (fall has finally arrived! It’s a blessed 75F [24C] around these parts) to visit Dunbar Cave and some local lakes. With the sunroof open, blue skies above, camera in hand, snacks, and a picnic blanket thrown in the back seat, we took off exploring. 

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Do You Have Shopping Rules?

Do you have shopping rules? 

No cap sleeves, no crop tops, no ass cheeks hanging out… (hopefully the last one’s a given!)

With everyone’s body being different, though, the rules can change. Personally, all three rules above apply to me. It’s a lot easier for me when I’m shopping to filter through trendy pieces and pick out clothing that’s flattering for my body when I follow a general set of rules. 

In addition to the ones above, my shopping rules include:
  • Dresses > pants. Any day.
  • Dresses + pockets = super cute.
  • No boat necks. No turtlenecks. The key for me is always to elongate my body.
  • Tops and dresses need to have structure. Anything that’s too baggy, too thin of a material, or shaped like a sac isn’t flattering on me.
  • Nothing too short. A scandalous dress for your bachelorette party? Sure, bring on the mini. But generally in life I go for something longer. Those itty bitty cut-off shorts with a 1.5” inseam? No way.
  • Overdressed is better than underdressed.
  • Usually no to strapless or anything that requires me to wear an uncomfortable bra. Have you ever tried those stick-on cutlets? Don’t bother, they’re a waste of time.

The sleeves thing has been a bit of an issue lately. Despite the hot temperatures, I haven’t been liking the strapless look lately and it seems like the only dresses left are either spaghetti straps or sleeveless. 

Enter the sound of angels singing when eShakti reached out to me and offered me my choice of clothing from their online store. The best thing about this retailer? Every piece that eShakti sells can be ordered ready-to-wear or completely customized plus their clothing is actually affordable. See a dress that you like but want to change the neckline, hem length, or cut of the sleeves? Not a problem. If I had a summer wedding to go to, I’d be there wearing this dress.

Printed illusion dress with sleeves

Wedding guest outfit inspiration

Printed dress with cut out back and perforated sleeves

The ultimate in a flattering cut - try an illusion dress

Customized perforated sleeves with eShakti

Printed illusion dress c/o eShakti / Mix No. 6 neon captoe heels via DSW / Loft metallic earrings

The ordering process was so straightforward and the customer service team was a pleasure to work with. Check out eShakti on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to keep up to date with their latest pieces and sales. PS: Right now they’ve got a ton of dresses up to 70% off (including the one I'm wearing) and they’re offering free shipping on orders over $50. Run, don’t walk!

Do you have any shopping rules that you swear by? Share them with me in the comments below!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What I'm Wearing: Printed Pants

Printed pants outfit inspiration

My hair is in that in-between stage right now. You know the one where you're tempted by the idea of putting it in a ponytail but it turns out to be the most pathetic baby ponytail ever with too-short hairs sticking out all over the place so instead you add bobby pins to try and keep it off your neck in the summer heat but really that doesn't help at all? Yeah, that in-between stage. 

Anyway, let’s talk about how awesome these sunglasses are. I usually have such a hard time finding a size that fits my face. I picked these up at one of those random kiosks in the mall for only $10! I love the black and white contrast at the top of the frame.

Speaking of contrast, I was immediately drawn to the piping detailing on these printed pants when I saw them at Old Navy. I never realized how much I might like ankle cut trousers until I saw Fran rocking them as part of her med school wardrobe. I like how I’m able to wear them casually as well… and let’s just say this pair is so comfy I don’t even have to rip them off the minute I walk through the door (you know you do it too). 
Denim vest and white tshirt

Old Navy pants / Target tshirt /  Forever 21 distressed denim vest / Caribbean Joe sandals via Sears

How to wear printed pants

Old Navy printed pixie pants

Red lips summer makeup

Old Navy pants / Target tshirt /  Forever 21 distressed denim vest / Caribbean Joe sandals via Sears

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Friday, July 04, 2014

What I'm Wearing: Patriotic

Happy 4th of July! I’ll keep this short and sweet but I felt like it was only fair to pop in after wishing all of my fellow Canucks Happy Canada Day earlier this week.

A “cold” front moved in last night and mercifully dropped the temperature by 30 degrees. I was all too happy to pull out these distressed jeans and pair them with my go-to patriotic shirt. We’re visiting friends in Nashville today and going out to catch the fireworks show. It’s gonna be a casual, low-key kind of holiday which suits this outfit perfectly. 

What are you doing to celebrate the 4th of July?

What to wear on Independence Day USA
Red white and blue outfit inspiration

Independence Day red white and blue outfit
Urban Outfitters t-shirt / Old Navy jeans / Caribbean Joe sandals via Sears / H&M tote bag

PS: Are you supposed to say Independence Day instead of 4th of July? I remember watching that movie with Will Smith when I was a kid (please tell me you loved it too) and everyone said Happy Independence Day. So much of my perception of America was moulded by what I saw on TV/movies so that’s what I thought you called the holiday here in the States. It seems like everyone around me says Happy 4th of July though. Does it make a difference? Am I a total foreigner for saying Happy Independence Day or is it entirely interchangeable?

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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

What I'm Wearing: White BCBG in Paris

White BCBG day dress

white dress casual summer

White dress ruffled neckline

White BCBG dress country casual summer
BCBG dress / Caribbean Joe sandals via Sears

A little while ago we decided to take a spontaneous day trip to Paris in pursuit of the world's biggest fish fry. Sadly I'm referring to Paris, Tennessee and not Paris, France, but still... good food is good food! 

It was one of those days where nothing was planned. Though we knew the general direction of where Paris is, once we got into town we had to stop and ask for directions to "this fish fry thing that we heard about." The beauty of small towns is that (most) people are super friendly and were able to give us perfect directions to a local fair where the fish fry was taking place. What they neglected to tell us was that the event didn't start until the next day! It was likely the first time in my life I'd been early for anything. 

Worlds biggest fish fry

In the end, we left without being able to satisfy M's fish craving that he's been chasing since Guatemala. Instead we ate greasy and fattening delicious handmade burgers and milkshakes at this ma and pa joint then drove to an elk and bison reserve in Kentucky because why not. 

The reserve was surprisingly beautiful so we took a bunch of pictures of ourselves with my tripod and remote and sometimes I turned the camera on the animals too. We had a frighteningly fun encounter with this beast when he decided to cross the road two feet from our car, which made us realize he was way bigger than our car. I popped out of the sunroof to capture a shot as I figured it was less of a risk compared to sticking my head out of the window and M had his foot poised on the pedal in case we needed to gun it. 

Big hairy bison

All in all, I'm loving my time here in the States and all the randomness that comes from it! Have you ever driven for hours in pursuit of food? I know I'm not the only one...

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