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About: The girl behind The Lifestyle Project

Hi, I’m Danielle! Welcome to The Lifestyle Project, a collection of stories about where I’ve travelled, the photographs I’ve taken, the outfits I’ve worn, the experiences I’ve had, and the issues I’ve struggled with along the way.

This blog has seen me through a lot of change in my life. Since hitting the publish button for the first time in 2013, I subsequently quit my job in Canada, backpacked through Central America, and became a freelance writer and editor. 

After travelling through the United States, I'm currently back in Canada waiting for my immigration paperwork to go through so I be reunited with my American husband. You can read more about my immigration story here and here.  

Right now my entire life seems to be open ended. I like having a home to call my own though, so the nomadic thing probably isn’t going to work (also, I have way too many shoes)! The only thing I know for sure is that wherever I end up I’ll have my handsome partner in crime along for the ride.

Overlooking Antigua, Guatemala
Overlooking Antigua, Guatemala
I’m a huge believer in living with intention and following your passions, even if that means going against what society tells us is the norm. It isn’t enough just to dream; I believe in creating the kind of lives that we honestly want to live. For me, that’s one filled with love, adventure, and true happiness.

The Lifestyle Project is a work in progress and a reflection of my life.

I hope you stay a while.

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