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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Dream Vacation + $200 Cash Giveaway

The question of where I'd go on a dream vacation has always been surprisingly difficult for me to answer. I think that's what happens when your eyes are filled with wanderlust and everywhere in the world seems like an adventure waiting to happen. (Seriously, check out my wanderlist on Pinterest  it includes a little bit of everything!)

Choosing to travel to Central America earlier this year was something that happened mostly because of costs and timing. Considering that I'm based in North America, travelling south isn't too expensive. 

But there is one country I've always wanted to see. In high school I took a world religions class that started with Greek mythology. Around the same time the movie Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants came out and BAM  just like that, Greece made it to the top of my travel bucket list. (Sidenote: Out of all the girls in the movie, didn't you think Alexis Bledel would've been the one to make it big? I totally thought her Gilmore Girls star power would've taken her further.)

Cliffs of Santorini

Mykonos Sunset
images via Paper Planes
The white-washed buildings, iconic blue roofs, gorgeous scenery and amazing history make me want to visit asap. Can you imagine the snorkelling and diving to be had? It would definitely give Belize a run for its money. Alana from Paper Planes is currently travelling through Greece so I'm living vicariously through her blog posts until I save up enough money to get there myself.

Speaking of money, you know what would be really nice right now? Winning $200 cash. And that's what's going on today! I've gotten together with some awesome ladies to give you a chance to win $200 through PayPal. Enter in the rafflecopter below!

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