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Say No to Fake Bags

We all love luxury handbags. We adore their beautiful designs and the way they seem to complete our outfits. What better way to carry around all your important lady stuff than an elegant Louis Vuitton, Prada, or Gucci purse? Many fashionistas want at least a couple of designer bags in her wardrobe (or she may be lucky enough to already own a few!) because she knows that they’re essential for building a stylish, top-notch wardrobe. 

Why you should say no to knockoff designer purses
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So why don’t we all own luxury handbags?

There is, of course, a major obstacle that prevents many women from owning designer purses and that obstacle is an expensive price tag. It’s hard to afford one luxury handbag, far less multiples. This is why many of us have at some point considered the option of buying a replica bag. Indeed, a fake purse would mean a lower price and a similar appearance, but there are some serious disadvantages that come with the acquisition of a knockoff. 

Why shouldn’t I buy a knockoff designer purse?

Replica sellers claim that their fake bags are identical to the original ones, but this isn’t entirely true. The products might appear to have a similar appearance, but there are very fine details that make the difference. And these details matter very much. 

The first thing that hits you is the fabric. Regardless of whether it’s leather or canvas, it is very hard to find the type of material that the original brand uses for manufacturing its bags. This is why if you buy a replica bag you will surely notice that the product has a cheap shine when compared to the original model. 

Furthermore, the firmness and color of the fabric differs a lot. Usually, genuine purses are made from a firm type of leather and the bag can stand tall by its own even when it is completely empty. On knockoffs the leather is very flexible and it will instantly bend if there is nothing inside the bag. This affects very much the shape of the bag and the way it feels when you hold it. 

Printed ankle pants + leather purse
Guilty of buying a purse that has trouble standing up
Another giveaway of a knockoff purse is the texture and color of the fabric. Replica manufacturers usually do not consider these details and they use the closest option they have, but in many cases this will have as result a cheap looking bag. 

Lastly, let's talk about the hardware. From model to model, the choice of materials and the style of embossed markings differ. Each brand has its own set of unique hardware and uses specific lettering for marking them. Basically, any metal part of a purse is stamped with the company’s name or logo. Most replica bags do not use the same type of metal and color as the genuine product. Also, most of them do not stamp each metal part with the brand’s name or logo, or these are incorrectly reproduced. 

What else should I know?

There are numerous other details regarding the shape of the handles, the symmetry of the stitches, the font of the texts, and the accuracy of the tags that make a huge difference between the real purse and a fake one. Anyone who knows a thing or two about the genuine product needs only a quick look at the knockoff to realize that it is just a poor quality replica. 

The lack of workmanship and quality is why it’s not worth it to buy fake or replica products (for example, knockoff designer watches are even easier to spot!). The beauty of an original bag lies in the high quality of its materials and in its exquisite craftsmanship. No replica purse can bring you the same feel of extreme luxury and sophistication. 

Have you ever splurged on a luxury purse before? I haven’t, but I’ve got my eye on a beautiful Michael Kors bag and Rebecca Minkoff crossbody purse that would match perfectly with my wardrobe. 

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