Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Should You Get Eyelash Extensions Before Going on Holidays?

I remember first hearing about eyelash extensions a few years ago and thinking, “So they’re like fake lashes but semi-permanent and I don’t have to wear mascara? I want them.”

I’ve always had eyelash envy. In university I used to wear fake lashes occasionally and have always loved the look of longer and thicker eyelashes. A few years ago in Korea I tested out some eyelash extensions before travelling to southern Taiwan. Since I was planning to spend a few days at the beach, I didn’t want to be thinking about makeup but I didn’t want to go completely bare either. Eyelash extensions are quite popular in Asia and they seemed like the perfect solution. 

At the time I paid $40 for a full set (they were very common in Korea) but in Canada these would cost about $100. 

Should you get eyelash extensions before going on a trip?

The pros and cons of eyelash extensions before travelling


1. So pretty! It’s a look that’s enhanced yet natural.

2. Eyelash extensions add a bit of glam without having to put on (and take off! ugh) daily makeup. There’s no need for mascara at all.

3. They’re safe in saltwater and chlorine, even for contact wearers like me!


1. It’s an awkward growing out period depending on the length of your natural lash cycle (how long it takes for your eyelashes to naturally fall out). Some salons say extensions will remain for up to 8 weeks, but in my experience, 3-4 weeks before needing a touch up/removal is a lot more realistic.

2. So about those touch ups… Lash extensions can be expensive to maintain if you keep getting them refilled regularly. We’re talking $75 every month!

3. What are the potential negative effects of regular use? I don’t think eyelash extensions have been on the market long enough for us to know. 

So, should you get eyelash extensions before going on a trip?

If it’s a short trip (four weeks or less) and you’d like to enjoy a low-maintenance beauty routine while you’re away, I say sure! Go get those eyelash extensions done if they’re something you’re interested in. Just be aware of how you wipe your eyes when you get out of the ocean, pool, etc. because rubbing your lashes can damage them and break the bond of the glue.

I had my eyelash extensions for two lash cycles and they were cool, but it’s not a service I’d do regularly. Extensions are a lot of maintenance and sometimes it just feels freaking amazing to rub your eyes after a long day. Since I don’t have an abundance of lashes to begin with, I’m also wary of damaging what little I do have. For everyday life, lash extensions aren’t for me, but they sure were pretty while they lasted.

Have you ever thought about getting eyelash extensions before going on a trip (or do you wear them in everyday life)? 

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