Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Morning Confess Sesh

I confess to being neurotic about how much I hate ticking clocks especially when I’m trying to fall asleep. Now thinking about it, it’s probably also the reason I don’t wear a watch unless I have to (like when I’m backpacking). Repetitive sounds like that (pens clicking, fingers tapping, flies buzzing) drive me absolutely nuts.

I confess to being that traveller who's terrible about clearing out my food from communal hostel fridges before I check out. Sorry cleaning staff! I only ever remember when I'm sitting on a boat or bus and well on my way...

I confess to hating when blog posts are center aligned and when bloggers refuse to follow basic rules of grammar and punctuation. What is it with the aversion to capitals at the beginning of your sentences? Also, if you can’t distinguish between its/it’s, your/you’re, and they’re/their/there, hire me because I can help.

I confess to being a total diva about how my cereal is poured. When the milk-to-cereal ratio is off I just don’t even want to eat it. Sidenote: have you ever tried chocolate milk with frosted flakes? My eating habits resemble that of a 10 year old boy so obviously I love it. 

I confess that I miss going out for brunch and day drinking with my friends! I mean, I guess that’s not much of a confession because obviously who doesn’t like day drinking, but I’m trying to keep on a tight budget and launch my freelance career so now I just drink at home going out is kept to a minimum. 

I confess that I’m totally guilty of loving the convenience of a DVR now that we have the luxury of cable. (As part of our effort of saving up for travel, my husband and I cancelled our TV service for 2013.) The convenience of recording and fast forwarding through shows was the perfect way of watching the VMAs and Emmys  you zoom through all the boring shit and only tune in for the performances and winners (or disasters, because we all know they're equally as entertaining).

I confess that apparently I’m one of the lucky ones who’s not allergic to poison ivy. I know this because my husband is super outdoorsy and always coming home with PI one way or another. Turns out he’s been secretly experimenting with rubbing my back and arms against fresh spots on his body where he just got hives from PI (#notcreepyatall). Weeks later, he confessed his “experiment”  to see whether I’m immune because he says I was too paranoid about him giving me PI. Turns out I don’t have anything to worry about. Clearly I’m married to a keeper #winning 

You know the drill  confessions are way more fun when other people are sharing too! What do you confess? Tell me in the comments!

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