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3 Unexpectedly Romantic Moments in Central America

3 Unexpectedly Romantic Moments Travelling as a Couple in Central America

There’s something about exploring a new part of the world with your husband that sounds inherently romantic. You think of wearing the cutest dress with those heels that make your legs look like whoa while sipping wine on a patio overlooking the charming cobblestone streets below.

If only travelling was always that pretty.

My husband and I spent two months together backpacking through Central America (I stayed on for an extra month by myself) and, let me tell you, having somebody by your side 24/7 means they’re probably going to see some pretty unflattering moments that you’d rather keep to yourself. Seasickness, early morning wake up calls, beds that fall apart, food poisoning and more, all accompanied by a beautiful sheen of sweat coating your skin in the 40 degree heat (that’s 104F for my American friends) were all realities for us on the road.

Caracol, Belize
My skin looks like it’s glowing here but trust me, I’m just really sweaty
Backpacking and romantic aren’t two words that typically go together, but after two months of exploring Central America with my husband, we did walk away with a few really sweet memories. Dates don’t have to be all “done up” to still be special and romance doesn’t always arrive neatly packaged with a bow. Today I’m sharing three unexpectedly romantic moments from our trip.


How to travel to Utila

Single prop Cessna airplane

What an exhilarating experience! On the outside it probably doesn’t look romantic at all, but holding hands and seeing that burst of excitement reflected in my husband’s eyes as we took off was unforgettable. Flying to Utila was entirely unplanned which made it all the better.


Lake Peten, Guatemala

Cerro Cahui Biological Reserve, Guatemala
About ready to drop dead with heat exhaustion. This tree is holding me up!
We had just finished hiking through Cerro Cahui Biological Reserve in Guatemala with the sounds of howler monkeys following us through the forest and we were disgustingly sweaty. Nobody else was around so on a whim we decided to strip down and jump into the cool fresh water. It wasn’t quite skinny-dipping, but there’s definitely something about swimming in your underwear with your man holding you close that makes things feel scandalous!


Scuba jump gif
Jumping into the water with his scuba gear for his first underwater test
My husband is very forthright about having a fear of open water. It doesn’t always make sense (remember that time he was the first to jump in with sharks and stingrays?) but fear is often irrational so I respect his limits. We started taking our Open Water Dive courses together but just before it was time to test our skills in the water he decided to back out. I continued on and completed the certification by myself and must admit to feeling quite proud that I was able to go through with it. 

After seeing me go on six successful dives, M talked himself into going back and finishing the certification. A few days later we went diving for the first time together in the most beautiful conditions. That day we saw our first sea turtle and it was surreal to observe this incredible creature in the water as he did his thing nibbling on the coral and popping up to the surface for air. I was filled with awe in that moment! I looked over at my husband in his mask and scuba gear (floating upside down just because he could) and decided to float upside down too. What a pair we made! Unfortunately there was no underwater camera so no pictures came from our dives but we were absolutely present in the moment and what a serene and romantic moment it was!

Have you experienced any unexpectedly romantic moments when travelling as a couple before? I’d love to read about it in the comments below.

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