Thursday, June 26, 2014

Observations of a Chronic People Watcher

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Since I've been in the States this summer I've spent a lot of time in coffee shops.  

In fact, I'm currently writing this post from a coffee shop in town. Sometimes I need a kick in the pants to get away from my oh-too-comfortable bed turned desk and working from outside of the house makes me feel like I need to be extra-productive to justify the $4.23 I just spent on a chai vanilla latte.

Today though I've forgotten my earbuds which, unfortunately, are the key to staying focused. 

Normally when it gets too loud and distracting I just pop in some music and retreat back into writing world. (It's always much too easy for me to get distracted from writing world. Do I get easily distracted from Netflix world? Or pizza binge world? Of course not. But writing world? Always.) 

After battling to stay on task for the last half hour, I figure why not just give in as this post is practically writing itself. And thus I bring to you...

Observations of a Chronic People Watcher
Overlooking Puerto Cortes Beach in Honduras
  • I've got two young student types chatting to my left and way over-sharing considering how loud they're speaking. What is it with girls and always touching/twirling their hair? It's not necessarily even a flirting thing... at least not all the time. But considering these girls just switched to talking about their lesbian experiences in college I might've spoken too soon.
  • Regardless of age, it seems like there's always room for friendship drama. Why is that? I like to think it's something I've grown out of, especially since I'm not in school anymore. Dramatic friendship breakups are entirely unnecessary. Especially when they're done in public. 
  • I hate that my generation is literally attached to their phones. I think it's so rude when you specifically make time for a coffee date and the other person is answering the phone or texting throughout your conversation. Drives me nuts, even when it's not happening to me! 
  • Despite being in public, people like to sneak in nose and wedgie picks. We can seeeee you! 
  • Children know how to play no matter where they are. At the coffee shop with their mom, running through the park square, kicking around the front yard.. these are all fair grounds for the settings of their next adventure. I think as we grow older we forget how to do this. It's pretty inspiring to see how kids can create magical worlds regardless of what's going on around them.
  • People who are unaware that they're being watched make for great photography subjects.
  • I love watching people who realize they've gone past where they meant to and instead of just turning around and walking back in the direction where they came from, they pull out their phones and pretend to respond to a text. Okay so 30 seconds have passed and that's totally enough time for it to be socially acceptable to turn back around now, right? In the spirit of full disclosure, I'm totally guilty of this.
People watching in Belize
Burns Ave. in San Ignacio, Belize has ton of street cafes that are perfect for people watching
Coffee shops, park benches, and my personal favourite, outdoor patios, are the best places for people watching. Do you like to people watch too? What observations have you noticed?

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