Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Morning Confess Sesh

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Sometimes Monday mornings call for random thoughts and bullet points, don't you think? In no particular order, I confess:
  • I need a lot of sleep. At least 9 hours a night is ideal. I don't know how people run on 5-6! That being said, as an adult I've noticed that I can go down to 7 hours more regularly (but I'll still need to binge after a while to make up for it)
  • I hate wearing pants
  • When I do wear pants, jeans specifically, I wear them a whole lotta times before washing them. In fact, I think a whole two month period went by without me washing my jean shorts while travelling. Gross? I dunno. But think about how often you really wash your jeans. And to that asshole who stole my clothes on the beach -- haha joke's on you. Hope you like my dirty laundry.
Puppy love german shepherd
Completely unrelated to this post but I think we can all agree these two are adorable
  • I really like when the toilet paper roll faces down. And the lid closed after use. Who needs to look into your toilet bowl? No one
  • While we're on the topic of bathrooms and such, I absolutely hate popping a squat. In Korea all the squatter toilets forced me to get over this, but 3+ years of comfortable living in Canada has me back to my old ways. Fortunately things were fairly decent throughout Central America but I did have an especially gross encounter in Guatemala involving neither toilet paper nor a toilet seat. TMI again? Sorry, moving on...
  • I'm not picky about which wine I drink. Red, white, zinfandel... As long as it's at least 10% I'm down. I say at least 10% because no Arbor Mist is not real wine
  • I don't understand why everyone's so into Greek yogurt. I much prefer probiotic yogurt. Greek yogurt by itself? Boring. I like to add a little bit of honey and berries to sweeten it up 
Healthy breakfast Greek yogurt and berries
  • If I can buy it, I don't DIY it
  • Earlier this month I talked about how I'm trying to focus less on makeup but now that I have access to more than my 8 travel makeup essentials, I am (sadly for my credit card) slipping back into my old ways. I've been looking for a light foundation that's super quick to apply and offers a bit more coverage than my usual nothing. I just spent way too much money on Tarte Amazonian mineral powder foundation but let me tell you -- I love it! It's a breeze to apply and blend, plus its buildable coverage is perfect for summer
  • This post from Jen on declaring bankruptcy describes exactly what I feel when I talked about starting freelance writing 
Streets of Antigua Guatemala
  • I really miss the ladies of Antigua, Guatemala who had the best (and cheapest!) selection of fresh cut fruit. Oh how I loved those sweet mangoes!
  • I woke up on Friday morning and decided to finally get my hair cut. An hour later, five inches of my brown locks were scattered around me on the floor. Whaaa? I didn't realize I had so much hair to spare until it was already cut. Check out my twitter page if you want to see a pic. I'm now the official wearer of an angled bob -- what do you think? You likey?
Hope your Monday morning is off to a good start. Have anything you want to get off your chest before the week begins? Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. Ok this should def be a once a month thing lol. Love it. I think I'll do one of my own.

    Love how you randomly have a pic of hubby with the dog. You're right they are adorable.

    1. Yay thanks for the enthusiasm. I'll do another one next month just for you!

  2. LOL! Great post! You should definitely give DIY a try. You'll save money and like it more than you expected.


    1. Thank you Mo, it's fun getting into the groove for writing more spontaneous posts like this. As for DIY... hmm... no promises until I see the latest creation that you come up with :)

  3. Some great confessions! We have a lot in common, especially the first few points! Though I must be honest, I'm quite a fan of squatting, seems more hygienic.

    1. In the spirit of no such thing as TMI, I prefer a layer of toilet paper to be between my skin and the seat. If not, yeah squatting definitely seems like the more hygienic option!

  4. Haha, this is such a fun post! I'm one of those 5 hour sleepers. Anything more and I feel so drained all day. I don't like Greek yogurt at all, it tastes disgusting to me.

    xo Donald

    1. 5 hours and you're only 18? You're an anomaly Donald!


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