Friday, February 28, 2014

Hello from Belize!

Hello from Belize! It feels nice to lay in bed writing at the end of a great day. Yesterday afternoon we arrived in the southern part of Belize (after two days of boats, buses, and taxis). We really like the laid back beach vibe here in Placencia. Life is slow and relaxed with a perfectly typical Caribbean temperature. We've overcome the last of the rainy season and tourism rates are now at their highest.

placencia belize
Having fun on the beautiful beach
Our room is simple and cheap but we fortunately found it easily once arriving in Placencia. Last week we tried, too late we learned, to book accommodations throughout Belize for the next two weeks and got turned down by over 15 places! Sometimes you just need to get "boots on the ground" (as my husband would say) to get things in order.

For $20 USD a night we've rented a room with a double and single bed, small private bath with hot water, and a very powerful fan (staying at Eloise Travel Lodge if you're curious). We're close to The Sidewalk, the popular area of town with beach front access. For those who are familiar with Wasaga Beach (shout out to Canada!) I'd say Placencia is similar but better -- reggae /pop music playing everywhere, not too crowded, very clean (Belizeans take a lot of pride in maintaining their environment), and everything within walking distance. I definitely like staying in this part of town.

Matthew put up our mosquito net which makes our bed feel a bit more luxurious (at least from the inside)
Today we woke up around 7.30am and went north for a walk along "The Road".  If you're wondering why these names are in quotation marks, it's because that's what they're known as, simply The Road and The Sidewalk running parallel to each other and the beach.

We spent the afternoon at the beachfront Barefoot Bar, a colourful and friendly restaurant with an excellent internet connection (much faster than Honduras!). We had $3 Carib beers (for him) and $3 Bingo Bags (for me -- coconut rum with pineapple and mango juice) along with a fish burger and tostadas. Though we were very relaxed and low-key in Utila, staying in Placencia feels more like your typical vacation experience with the beautiful sandy beach and colourful cabanas. 

Tonight we hit up Omar's Creole Grub for a fabulous seafood dinner (lobster in butter and garlic for him and creole style grouper for me... though I definitely stole more than a few bites of his dish!). Today is the last for the lobster season throughout Central America so we decided to splurge and omg was it worth it!

We're in Placencia for a few more days before going to Belize City. After that it's off to San Ignacio to see Mayan ruins then east to Caye Caulker to go snorkelling along the Belize Barrier Reef. Follow me on Instagram to see real time updates and photos. Until next time, sending much love and peace y'all. (Sorry, reggae vibes taking over, ya know how it is...)

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  1. Wow. Sounds like paradise (especially the seafood! NOM).
    I'm so happy everything is going well with you both! I think your cousin wants to get in touch - if your internet is good, maybe we can try facetime one of these days!

    1. I knew you would love the seafood part! ;) We are available tonight and have a great internet connection here, so hit me up if you can!

  2. Okay, I may have to stop reading your blog because it is making me SO JEALOUS. Sounds like you are having the best time!

    1. Nooo don't stop! hehe. Belize was awesome but we've actually hit a rough patch in Guatemala that I think I'll be talking about next week-ish once I've had a bit of time to process it

  3. Jealous! It sounds like you are having a blast in paradise! :) Okay, now you are making me hungry lol.


  4. I agree with everyone here. I am seriously beginning to envy you guys. It's just not fair! :-) Glad to see that everything is still going as planned and I would like to have a few Bingo Bags right now.


  5. Sounds like you got a good price and a great location to say it was so last minute! I could just eat some lobster right now :)


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