Monday, September 30, 2013

Mani Monday: Going Nude

I sadly relapsed to my nail- and cuticle-biting ways at the beginning of the month so now I’m trying to let them grow out without drawing too much attention to my hands. Whenever I wear polish I am so much better about not picking my nails so the next few weeks will be a bit of a recovery period for me. As bright and fun as nail art can be, this month I’ve been drawn towards clean and neutral polishes that are the perfect “completer piece” for my nails. I’m on the hunt for the perfect nude, one that isn’t too pink, applies easily, and offers full coverage with two coats. 

Here’s the thing - I am trying to find that perfect neutral with peach undertones, instead of the common white base, as it is much more flattering with my skin tone. Essie’s Marshmellow and Mademoiselle have been recommended over and over again, but they are definitely too "milky" for my taste. I’m also not the biggest fan of that brand as I find the polishes too thin and prone to chipping. 

Right now I’m wearing OPI’s Dulce de Leche and I’m pleased but not in love. The peachiness is on point and coverage is pretty good (three coats would have been better though as it is a little streaky). Not my favourite but a solid 8/10 for a nude polish. What do you think?

I find that nude polishes are fresh and always add a dose of sophistication that show that you care about the little details, even when they’re not in your face. This type of manicure is also a great way to elongate your fingers if you’re self-conscious about having little stubbies, plus it is considerably easier to maintain. 

For me, the hunt continues for the perfect nude polish as this one by OPI falls just short. Any suggestions?

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  1. I love it! The nude color looks great!

    Lillies & Silk

  2.'s SO HARD to find the right one! I haven't found one that looks awesome yet, just a lot of "okay" ones. Grrr!! I think that Dulce de Leche is a tad peachy on you to be a true nude, but it's still pretty! And I feel you on the stubbiness, as I had to cut off mine a couple of weeks ago because they all broke while I was packing up our house to put it up for sale. It's just the worst when that happens! Boo! ;)

    1. I know, who would think that finding a simple neutral polish would take so much trial and error? My biggest pet peeve is when the polish is still sheer enough to see the white tips of my nails underneath. That sucks that all your nails broke during the pack! Hopefully it didn't hurt and it won't happen again once it's time to move! :S

  3. That is so pretty! I haven't found a good neutral for me yet. I'm really pale and that doesn't help. LOL. It looks really great on you!

    1. Thank you Sarah :) I guess I'm not the only one who struggles to find the perfect nude/neutral polish, regardless of skin tone!


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