Wednesday, September 18, 2013

5 Things You Learn When You Move In With Your Man

As I sit on my balcony with the sun warming my face on this beautiful autumn day, I’m smiling and feeling so grateful for the things that have been going on in life lately. My last post received such meaningful and heartfelt comments that made my heart swell. Thank you lovely readers, it means so much to read your kind and encouraging words and receive such a positive response. I'll be replying to everyone in the next day or two so if you haven’t heard back yet, make sure that you’re not set up as a no-reply commenter by connecting your email address to your profile (or you can just hop back over to that post and scroll down to get caught up). 

I’m having a late start to the week because my husband and I had an extended celebration of our one year anniversary on Monday :) After being apart for the weekend, we spent the earlier part of this week reconnecting with a little quiet time, indulging in delicious dinners, and even getting dressed up to go on a date to the casino (a somewhat rare event as elaborated upon in #5). I now realize that pretty much nobody else gets dressed up to go to the casino, at least not during the week. I’ve also learned where all the old folks party on a Monday night! But that’s besides the point. We’re not big gamblers so we were pleased to walk outta there $10 up at the end of the night after playing a few exciting hands of Blackjack.

Anyway, we were chatting and reminiscing about our first year of marriage and joking about the things we’ve learned about each other since living together. So, in honour of our one year wedding anniversary, I’m skipping the mushy gushy post about him being the love of my life (I already scored +10 good wife points for writing him a super sweet card) and going straight into my roundup of 5 things you learn when you move in with your man. 


1. If you didn’t know up until that point, once you move in together you will soon learn what the other’s farts smell like. And while we’re at it, let’s just throw it out there that you’ll also learn their poo schedules too. Maybe you’ll be really lucky like us and live in a one bedroom apartment where you’re in each other’s faces the whole time, and if that is the case, the pretense is up baby. There is nowhere to hide. I remember when Matthew and I were dating, we would spent “weekend dates” together as he was based in North Carolina and I was going to university in Canada. And I swear I could hold my poo for the whole weekend lest my boyfriend learn that girls actually do, in fact, fart and poop on a regular basis! But now we’re at the point where there is no shame. #TMI? #Sorrynotsorry.

2. While we’re on the bathroom talk, I might as well add that sometimes you get lazy when you go to the bathroom and stop closing the door. Before when we were staying in hotels or short-term rentals together, that bathroom door was always sealed shut. Now that we live together (when it comes to peeing at least), we’re definitely way lazier about closing the door. Shameface. Heather wrote a really funny post about what she calls her pee policy if you’re gross like me interested in bathroom humour and want to check it out. Okay okay I promise no more pee and poo discussion! 

3. Dirty dishes are the downfall. I know a lot of people who cannot get started on their tasks for the day until the dirty dishes are washed or the general clutter is put away. While I am sometimes included in this category, I admit to being a tad inconsiderate about not doing my fair share of chores, dish duties specifically. It’s a lot easier to turn a blind eye when you’re often out of the house, but with my husband being a full-time student it’s harder for him to tackle a project when dirty dishes are filling our kitchen sink. I am trying a lot harder to be considerate about doing household chores on a regular basis (and avoid the nagging in the process)! 

4. Boys get to eat all the fun stuff in the world yet miraculously don’t gain weight. Okay this is kind of a huge overstatement but you know what I mean. I think most of us would agree that guys get to be a lot more relaxed about their diets (or lack thereof) and (gasp!) even take protein supplements to help them gain weight. Now that I’ve trained Matthew on how to grocery shop we’ve learned to grocery shop together, my husband knows that no, it’s not alright to just buy a couple bags of chips every week because let’sbereal that shit gets eaten up within two days. 

5. Date nights turn into late night stay-at-home hangouts instead of late night drinks and dancing. All of a sudden you cross the magical threshold from singledom to coupleland, where sweatpants and ponytails are celebrated, and the suggestion of getting dressed up to go mingle at the bar is often met with a scrunchy nosed “hmmm…” kind of face. Of course, sometimes it’s lovely to have a proper date night here and there, but when you move in together there is a good chance you’ll grow more introverted and not only enjoy, but dare I say, prefer lowkey hangouts cuddled up together on the couch.

What about you - what insights have you learned from moving in with your partner?

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  1. I love this. Carl and I are completely disgusting together and I like it. I enjoy the comfort level, although others think it is a little much.... Like we have conversations while the other is using the bathroom... hahaha ;)

    1. haha I know what you mean! We've had to take a step back and be like, "You know what, this can wait until you're finished in 5 minutes."

  2. Too funny!! Definitely Numbers 1, 2 and 5 for me. I won't go into details but those really hit home. :-)


    1. LOL I won't ask for any more details! :P I'll just say... I know what you mean!

  3. I have to agree with number 5 the most... I feel like we are just not cool enough to go out with the single people anymore and would rather be in our bed by midnight. It is now land of couple date nights or separate girls and boys nights.
    And with regards to the toilet talk... I was the guilty one of breaking down those barriers early on :P

  4. OMGosh. Thanks for sharing the link to this post for me. I love your humor! My husband is the take charge, better to do it myself than make someone else do it kind of guy so he's on the laundry, lawn, and general clean up of the house. The two things he asks in return are that I a) do the dishes if he cooks and b) clean the bathroom.
    My husband is also a homebody so I really relate to your number 5. We'll mention going out to buy a movie, but then agree that going out is expensive and then we'll agree to redbox something and the next thing you know, we're on the couch watching reruns of Chopped.
    As far as the bathroom issue, I am happy we don't poo in front of each other. But maybe one day he'll feel really proud of a fart and just rip it right in front of me. lol. Why I am looking forward to this?

    1. HAHA We all have weird things we look forward to!! But once you cross that boundary there's no going back, so embrace your smell-free environment while you can lol!!

  5. OMG! I definitely peed with the door for the first time the other day!!! And you're totally right about the eating fiasco... I've gained about 10 pounds since we've moved in together because we're always eating out and drinking hard on the weekends and he hasn't gained not one pound!! Totally unfair :(

    Loved your list Danielle!

    1. Thank you Setarra -- and I'm sorry to hear that the weight thing has come into play for you too. Sigh. I'm up 10 lbs as well in my first year of marriage :S Trying to be much better these days but sometimes fast food and fun drinks just taste so good!!


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