Saturday, August 31, 2013

August Monthly Reads

Pictures and stories from Chelsea's motorcycle trip across Cambodia! This post had me reminiscing about my moto adventure in Vietnam. I can definitely relate to the sore butt thing!

Christine discusses the daily practices she incorporates into her lifestyle to contribute to her happiness project. I really connect with her commitment to do what makes her happy instead of listening to what other people say should make you happy. This one hit home.

A Breaking Bad guide to backpacking in Australia [gifs]. So funny! PS How good was this week's episode!?

Erika introduced her new linkup "Grad-itude 101" which is focused on recognizing the good things in life through positive thinking and action. This week she wrote about feeling abundant, a short but sweet thought-provoking read.

40 really cool maps of the world.

I love the simplicity of Christina's outfit and especially her Celine purse!

Jen looks super cute in her carpe diem sweater.

Earlier this month I wrote about remembering to live in the present and acknowledging the good old days. Rachel touches on a similar topic about her struggle to live in the moment.

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  1. Thank you so much for including me in this roundup, Danielle! :) So awesome!


    1. You're very welcome Erika! So happy I found your blog, it's one of my (inspiring) daily reads now :)


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