Tuesday, June 04, 2013

7 Things You Didn't Know About Me

Donald, the multi-talented blogger behind Tres Charmant and owner of Shop Charmant, recently nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award! And because us bloggers are such a friendly and generous bunch, when I say nominated I mean I won! :) This blog award is the kind that you pass along from one blogger to another, so I must say a very sincere thank you to Donald as it means a lot to be nominated by one of my peers. I'm still getting used to the this blogging thing but despite my newbie status the support that I receive from this community really is incredible and very encouraging.

If you haven't checked out Donald's blog already, I would definitely recommend doing so. I always enjoy reading about fashion, beauty, and product reviews from his point of view. Thank you for my very first blogging award!

In order to be an official recipient I'm supposed to share 7 things about myself so here goes:

1. I hate scary movies. Hate hate hate them and refuse to watch them. Won't even watch the previews.

2. I studied and played classical piano for years and reached grade nine with the Royal Conservatory of Music.

3. I am a serious TV binge watcher. I love getting seasons at a time and watching episodes at my own pace. Okay let's be real, my pace is racing through an entire series, ignoring responsibilities in the adult world, and just getting sucked into a show until I start imitating the characters a la Jessie Pinkman and adding "Bitch!" to the end of everything. (Obviously we are currently in the midst of Breaking Bad.)

4. I had never shot a gun until my husband and some friends took me out in the woods of North Carolina to practice like how those country boys do. Clearly I am a city girl!

The rifle was fun but the pistol was a blast
5. I rock at Mario Kart (remember Super Nintendo days?). Oh man I love that game!

6. I pretty much have no clue what I'm doing on Twitter. I try to tweet anyway.

7. My favourite time of the day is in the morning when things are still quiet. (I don't necessarily mean to imply that I am awake during this time... just that I like quiet time in the morning.)

Now for the blogs I would like to nominate for a Versatile Blogger Award:

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Fiery & Opinionated PS: Heather just got some Liebster love too!

Go check out these ladies for some interesting reading. Thanks again for this award Donald!!

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  1. Congrats dear, well deserve!!!


  2. I can almost never sit down and watch a show while its on. I start it when I feel like it and watch it all at once. You're welcome!

    xx Donald

    1. I know, it's much more fun to get sucked in and watch episode after episode instead of a week (or months!) in between!!

  3. I love scary movies! It's hilariously funny and makes me laugh(I know it's not real). Twitter is a bit much for me. It's liking talking in front of a group of people. I don't talk much so this doesn't really work. I do more retweeting than sending tweets of me sharing random stuff. SMH. I suck at mario kart. Well not that horribly but nowhere near as good as you. Congrats and thanks for the share!


    1. That's good that you can separate reality from fantasy like a normal person and enjoy those kinds of movies lol. Even though I tell myself it's makeup, music, etc. I get all tensed up and just hate that feeling of waiting with anticipation for someone to pop out of the corner and kill whoever. Can't do it (much to my husband's dismay)!

  4. I knew all of these things EXCEPT your mad mario kart skils! What?! You and Matthew need to start watching Sons of Anarchy!! The next season begins in September, you have 5 to catch up on!


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