Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: What to Wear for Your Wedding Shower

Click here to see part one of my Wedding Wednesday series in case you missed it last week.



(Please forgive the harsh shadows in these photos - I'm still an amateur!)
Strapless eyelet dress via Modcloth (similar)
Loft statement necklace
Today I’m showing off another little white dress for the ladies out there wondering what to wear for their wedding showers. Of course, this look isn’t only for brides-to-be, and would also be adorable for a backyard BBQ, summer date, or lunch with friends.

I remember when it came time to plan my shower my bridesmaids and I pretty much had no idea what we were doing. I didn't even really want a shower to be honest, as I had nightmares of toilet paper dresses (shudder) and that scene from Bridesmaids where Kristen Wiig goes mental on everyone's ass.

Hilarious in a movie, but not so much for real life! Hah. But remember the other week when I talked about how weddings are family affairs and sometimes you need to compromise? This was one of those things. Anyway, we deviated a bit from the norm and decided to throw a “Jack & Jill” type shower (ie: males and females were invited). Fortunately my family and friends are freakin’ awesome, toilet paper dresses were banned, and we played Whose Hands Are Those, Bridal Beer Pong, and Wedding Taboo instead.

But back to the fashion part of this post... Because this dress already has banding around the bodice and cute eyelet lace detailing, I decided to keep the focus on the dress itself by forgoing a belt and accessorizing with just my jewellery. (PS see the turquoise wrap bracelet I’m wearing? I bought that in Saigon, Vietnam and it is one of my absolute favourite pieces! I love to buy jewellery as souvenirs when I’m travelling so that I can bring them out when I’m back home and accessorize with one of a kind items.) I chose to keep my makeup light but accented with pops of coral on my cheeks and lips to complement my statement necklace.

Be sure to come back next week for part three of my Wedding Wednesday series. I’ll be sharing my favourite bridal accessories and some more pictures from my wedding :)

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  1. Ha! I love that scene from Bridesmaids. Glad yours didn't turn out the same way. You styled this dress so well with the pop of coral and wedges!

    1. Thank you Alison, that means a lot :) As for Bridesmaids that scene was one of my faves (I also really enjoyed the car scene with the ghost riding etc. when she is trying to get the attention of cop boy)! Haha it's so awkward but that makes it so funny at the same time.

  2. AnonymousMay 08, 2013

    So pretty! Love the sweetheart neckline and eyelet of course. Enjoy this time because the next thing you know the wedding will be over, it goes by soooo fast. Visiting from the Whatever Whenever link up today :)


  3. I wish I had worn a cute white dress to my bridal shower...I love the idea of wearing white to your shower. And this one is super super cute. Ok, this is crazy but I actually haven't seen Bridesmaids. Is that insane or what?! I've heard it's hilarious, though!

    1. You haven't seen it yet?? Put the kiddies to bed then get your butt down to a Blockbuster...errr.. your nearest Netflix queue! haha. Absolutely worth a watch. Thanks for stopping by Ashley!

  4. You look darling! Great look :)

    I'm hosting a Firmoo Giveaway right now! I hope you can come enter!

    The Rancher's Daughter

    1. Thanks Emily! I have been seeing so much of Firmoo online and just entered - fingers crossed :)

  5. Hello! I’m visiting from Random Wednesday! That dress looks great on you!

    Xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog

    1. Thank you Tasha! I just checked out your blog and would love to see more, will you be putting up an About Me section soon?

  6. I love a white dress for summer! Such a go to piece in my closet! Love how you paired it with the bright statement necklace!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    1. My pleasure Melissa! I love finding new blogs through the Wednesday linkups, especially those written by fellow Canadian gals. See you again soon :)

  7. This would be great for a shower or just for summer, like you said. Love the necklace with it! Thanks for linking up!

    Fashion and Beauty Finds

    1. Thanks for hosting Amy! I'm looking forward to coming back :)

  8. I love your white dress - it looks really flattering on you. =)


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