Thursday, May 23, 2013

StashBelt Money Belts

A few years back when I was first packing to move to Asia, my dad insisted that I needed to buy a money belt and carry it with me at all times. He came home the next day with a black plastic-y mini fanny pack contraption and laid it on my bed for me. I’m sure you can guess my reaction but to sum it up, let me just say the “article” was promptly returned. I did end up purchasing a more comfortable and breathable alternative but even then I wore it on a grand total of two occasions; my very first day in Korea when I was a timid newbie traveller and on a particularly skeezy overnight bus that I took by myself from Hanoi to Hoi An, Vietnam when I legit thought my backpack would get stolen.

Let’s be real though – especially for women – money belts suck. They’re bulky, they’re sticky in hot weather, and how awkward is it to pull down your pants/lift up your shirt at the bank when you need access to your credit/debit card? I have to be in a real pickle of a situation, to put it mildly, to actually use a money belt. Moreover, thieves know that traditional money belts exist. An experienced robber isn’t just going to take your bag – what would prevent them from just lifting up your shirt and taking your money belt as well?

That’s why when I learned about this really unique company, StashBelt, I wanted to highlight it on The Lifestyle Project. StashBelt is a Canadian-Kenya initiative that was founded with the goal of creating the best money belt available. Skilled African artisans, using quality tools and leather, are provided with training programs and competitive wages so they can manufacture truly innovative money belts. If that wasn’t cool enough, they also channel a portion of their profits into a foundation they created to give microfinance goals to Kenyan entrepreneurs. Check out this 3 minute video below to learn more about StashBelt, or if you’re short on time skip to the 1 minute mark to see exactly the kind of innovation that I’m talking about.

This is not a sponsored post and StashBelt has no idea who I am. I have not personally used their product before so this is not a review. I just wanted to bring attention to a socially responsible company that I think is doing really great things. 

As I’ve mentioned before, I enjoy sharing new products that I find from small businesses who put the focus on quality first and profit second. I don’t think the world is inherently a dangerous place, but I do recognize that there are some sticky situations that travellers can find themselves in where an extra sense of security is never a bad thing. I think StashBelts are a way great to secure some piece of mind without sacrificing fashion or comfort. My husband and I will definitely be looking into these for our next backpacking trip abroad!


  1. I've never heard of these before. It looks so cool and is a great way to prevent having your money stolen.


    1. I agree! Such a unique idea that is very easily disguised. Thanks for your comment Donald!


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