Friday, March 29, 2013

Monthly Reads

Behind the scenes details from the Game of Thrones season three premiere in Los Angeles earlier this month.  The HBO premiere is only two days away eeep!!  Is anyone else looking forward to this show too??  While looking through these pictures I didn’t even recognize Catelynn and The Hound!  Weird to see them all modern and made up.  I especially love what wildling girl (in green and gold) and Daenerys (in blue and black) are wearing >>

I love Sasha's look from head to toe... didn't know that Jessica Simpson was this fashionable >>

The movie The Impossible had me in tears several times over.  Very emotional and thought-provoking with excellent acting! >>

Beautiful photos from Finland!  My favourite is the streetcar in Helsinki >>

Christine has a very healthy perspective on balancing life and work >>

This skirt is so beautiful and flattering, plus Tanesha is right on trend with neons for spring >>

I feel for Becki and her missing backpack.  I experienced a similar terror when I moved to Korea in 2010 and completely forgot to pick up one of my suitcases from the airport.  I remember when I realized it was missing and the heart-dropping wave of anxiety that washed over me in that moment >>

Happy Easter to those of you celebrating this weekend.  Yay for long weekends for those of you not celebrating.  Either way hopefully you have a great weekend surrounded by family and friends and get to relax on that extra day off :)

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    I found the quality at Target to be better then walmart but that also comes with a steeper price tag then walmart. It has nicer accessories and home decor thats for sure but I don't think it would win out on every day essentials.



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